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ConsIOSH Management of Occupational Health & Wellbeing for £150

Course overview

With a desire to raise standards of safety across all industries IOSH has created an "off the shelf" standard in it latest version of Management of Occupational Health & Wellbeing.

This online course has been adapted to our way of teaching and covers all of the main aspects of safety management.
All of the tutors we use across the UK are members of the IOSH organisation.

It’s a specialist qualification for people in the safety industry who are responsible for ensuring safety & welbeing as part of their day to day duties. People such as managers, supervisors, employee representatives and newly appointed health and safety advisers.

What are the benefits for the organisation and the individual?

For the individual it will give them a level of qualification that is internationally recognised as the standard for employment as a health and safety assistant/manager and for the employer it will show their staff have a level of qualification that will be acceptable to their awarding authorities.

What does the course cover?

It focuses on management of health and wellbeing and looks at these key areas: Management systems, Risk Assessment, Common Workplace Hazards and their associated controls, planning, auditing, monitoring and there is a practical element which is carried out in the workplace.

After just a few hours of training you will be able to implement strategies to effectively manage risks that exist in your industry as we tailor your course to your working environment.

The course is arranged into seven modules

  • Aspects of a healthy company
  • Health risk management
  • Fitness for work
  • Wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Online assessment

How is the course assessed?

Assessment remotely.

Study online, the course, assessment and risk assessment task must be completed within the course sessions.

How long will the course take me?

This is an accredited course in a classroom context is 6 hours, in a remote, distance and online aspect is delivered over 6 three hourly sessions.

How much will the course cost me?

The online course will cost £150 per person. There is no vat charged and all course resources are included. You can pay online now through the PayPal link below.

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